Who doesn’t love a bargain?

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Truth be told, almost everyone loves a bargain. There are times, of course, for some people, when it’s worth it to pay the extra cost. But for the most part, even for those who are well off, there’s just something about getting 2 for 1, filling up your punch card, or getting 25% off of an item. I mean, if you have to buy something, don’t you want to get the most for your hard-earned money? Teenagers might cringe at Grandma reminding the clerk about her 10% discount, but hey! She waited a long time for that…

Of course, seniors are indeed on a fixed income, and most seniors welcome discounts. But whether you are a senior, a student, young marrieds with kids, or someone with teen-agers, a penny saved is…well you know. So, after learning to look for these deals in our society over the years, from the time we are young, it has conditioned us to be experts by the time we reach the golden years.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Once you get the hang of it and use the discounts, getting into the movies for less, getting your groceries for 5% off on a certain day, or receiving a discounted haircut (this could be risky), or a hotel room at a better rate, feels good. Honestly, not many people would say, “What the heck? I demand to pay full price!” Oh, sure, there’s a few, who may be in denial and argue that they certainly are NOT a senior citizen! The rest of us, for the first while, are pleasantly surprised. We feel a bit pampered and valued. It’s a bit like someone empathetically stating, “Oh hey, I recognized that you’ve lived and experienced a lot. You’ve given, now it’s your time!” or “I see you are older than the rest of us. You get a break because you will never be young again- and because you have to spend your money on crap like pain relievers, Prilosec and shoe insoles.”

I don’t know if a discount really helps though because when I go into a store and see other great sales and clearance items, I’m like a fish on a hook. It doesn’t matter that I already have 4 pump handsoaps in a cupboard, or a certain snack or herbal supplement at home, if it’s a good deal, I’m likely to buy it. You just never know, right? Also, If something is geared towards my grandkids, I’m especially vulnerable! With good reason. There’s always a party or birthday around the corner. I of course have to hide the purchases from the kids. That could explain why I’ve found gifts near Easter, that I hid around Labor Day, that were meant for Christmas!

Just don’t insult me with “senior” discount meals that offer 20% off, but as you examine it, you realize the portion is 20% less. That is not a discount. That is basically a kid’s meal. You might as well put it in a small paper bag with a prize for old people. Maybe throw in a pill cutter, or wrinkle cream.

 I suppose it’s not really the discount itself that matters. It’s more the recognition and appreciation about a lifelong contribution to society….ok, and also about winning a small victory. As you age, sometimes it can sometimes feel like less victories are obtained. So, when someone gives us a little one, let’s take it and be glad.

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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, Christian, business owner, gardener, traveler, foodie who just happens to be over 55 (just barely!) I'm familiar with anxiety, losing/gaining weight, insomnia and saying things I shouldn't. I have a love for reading, learning, studying people, cultures and health-related topics. This blog is not an expert's view on things, but just my personal observations and thoughts. I have an interest in promoting the worth and continuing growth of each individual.

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  1. In the Philippines, if you are a senior, you go to the head of the line. Any line. How can we incorporate that here in America!!!


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