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    I find it very interesting that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the key principles is that emotions play a strong role in health. It’s believed that certain emotions can influence certain organs and that all organs have an interconnectedness with each other and with overall health.

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It is also believed that the life energy or vital force (known as chi or qi) can be affected by being positive and by doing things that you are passionate about. How exciting is that? It makes sense doesn’t it? Have you ever seen people’s health suffer when they are in a stressful job or a job they dislike. Or when someone retires from a career that they love, that drives them, and then their health declines.

    So, with that in mind, let me ask you a few questions just to get you thinking.

  1. What are you passionate about? Is there anything that interests you intensely or that you gravitate to when reading, learning or talking about?

2. When you talk to others about this do you feel emboldened, revved up, excited and happy?

3. Are you able to keep a healthy balance or is it more like an unhealthy obsession?

     This doesn’t mean that we are stuck with one thing, never to vary our interests. These things can change over time, or we can add to them. As we learn and grow, we can again be re-charged by a new discovery. Some lucky people turn these passions into careers and have the blessing of not only doing what they love, but creating a living for themselves. At the very least, with your knowledge you can possibly help others. It may be that you are passionate about cheese. You can learn all that you can about cheese, teach others about cheese, perhaps get a job at a great cheese company like Glanbia or Tillamook, sell your Cheese Boards, or open a grilled cheese food truck! Whatever you do with whatever passion, it’s all yours and while others are dreaming about smoked Gouda, it is your reality.

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Maybe you’re not sure what your passion is or haven’t found one yet. Some people have hobbies, but that may not be their passion. I used to like to sew when my kids were young, but that was more out of necessity and frugality. I certainly wasn’t passionate about it. For you, it may be something that you didn’t realize, like fishing, makeup, cooking, running, traveling or pubic speaking (haha).

Another benefit, is that there is no age or time limit. Some may think, Oh, I’m past my prime, I can’t pursue this passion or dream. There’s no sense in doing that. My thought is, as long as you are still alive, you most certainly can and should! We may be older, but we are not done. You owe it to yourself, and to others, to keep life exciting and full of passion. It’s what keeps us ticking and learning.

Find things that light up your mind and heart. Finding your passion will bring new life to you, and that has to be good medicine.

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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, Christian, business owner, gardener, traveler, foodie who just happens to be over 55 (just barely!) I'm familiar with anxiety, losing/gaining weight, insomnia and saying things I shouldn't. I have a love for reading, learning, studying people, cultures and health-related topics. This blog is not an expert's view on things, but just my personal observations and thoughts. I have an interest in promoting the worth and continuing growth of each individual.

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