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It’s been awhile since I last posted an article. I, like everyone else, have been in a state of confusion and incredulity. It seems like the world around us it falling apart, and lately in America (although it has spread to other countries), people are in an uproar.   

  Is America doomed? The land of opportunity and dreams, which is 244 years old, has been through a lot this year, as have all countries. This is the land, which many millions have uprooted from their countries to try to reach their aspirations. America, where millions have given their lives, not only for their citizens, but for other countries’ citizens as well will eventually pull through. It will be a bit battered and bruised, but it will survive. How can I know that it won’t crumble as other countries in the past have? I know because this is a special place with a special purpose. It was founded on Christian beliefs and principles and set apart by God. Some see it as a place to seek their fortune or to escape danger, but there is even more to this land.

“The true destiny of America is religious, not political – spiritual, not physical.”  Alvin R. Dyer

This country was no mistake. It was foreordained. Some people have cited fault with the founding forefathers. These same people have judged men that they never knew personally, that lived in a completely different era, with today’s criteria. As with every civilization that ever was, things evolve over time. Societies start out rough, maybe even barbaric and hopefully become better, not worse. It took bravery and courage by some exceptional and free-thinking men to form America. But there were things in America’s earlier days that didn’t reflect this country’s intended base beliefs.  Slavery, displacement of Native Americans, Japanese internment. Racism against African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Eastern European Americans and Irish Americans and more. There have always been unjust and selfish people in the world and in most civilizations, dating back since the beginning of man. This is because it has not so much to do with class, politics or nationality, but it has to do with good vs. evil. There is always going to be bad mixed in with the good as long as there are people. In order to overcome this, it takes law abiding, smart, patient people who can go through proper channels to make changes, be willing to serve, and who truly care about others.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy

How can we improve our country? It won’t be through violence, riots, erasing history or through lawlessness. That only destroys and divides a nation. It begins with people desiring to make a difference for the good of all the citizens. What will have the most impact? People who give of themselves by volunteering and getting involved in communities. People who are there for their families. People who hold down jobs and contribute. People who love and honor their heritage, but also see the bigger picture as part of the American family. We really have no control over what heritage we are born into or where our ancestors come from. We only have control over our behavior and love for our fellow man.

Whether you are an elected official or a registered voter, whether you spearhead a community project for girls and boys, or are a volunteer at a senior center you can make a difference. Whether you are a teacher to many or an involved parent to one, you make a difference. A free democratic country is like a family – imperfect, but as good as the people who make it up. The integrity isn’t just the leader’s responsibility, but every citizen of that country.

Some people that live in America have a problem with America, for whatever reason. They don’t seem to realize, that if they left America to go to another country, they would still find problems. There are still imperfect politicians who make laws, there are still criminals and corrupt people, and even more so in some other places. Because the biggest component missing in many lives is what truly changes lives. A belief in God and a respect for others. God can change more lives than all the anger and the more and more we push God out of our country, the less and less we will recognize America.

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out dark; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

I love America. It is still a country with amazing opportunities, amazing people and great diversity. We can still reach for the stars and stand up against injustice, become united and fight against evil by living good lives and loving each other. We can be an example to those oppressed in other countries and make our progenitors proud. The good can overcome and make us all one. May God bless America.

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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, Christian, business owner, gardener, traveler, foodie who just happens to be over 55 (just barely!) I'm familiar with anxiety, losing/gaining weight, insomnia and saying things I shouldn't. I have a love for reading, learning, studying people, cultures and health-related topics. This blog is not an expert's view on things, but just my personal observations and thoughts. I have an interest in promoting the worth and continuing growth of each individual.

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